The Kids Club of the Future

The Kids Club of the Future

The Whole 9 Yards Kids Club is a unique and innovative concept that both entertains and educates children whilst capturing their heart and imagination. It is a tested pedagogigal approach to integrate playing, sports, learning and relaxation into a stylish and entertaining Kids Club. It provides children and families with an unforgettable experience that will make their stay in a Family Luxury Hotel a truly memorable one.


Fun is what it’s all about in a kids club. The Whole 9 Yards - Kids Club provide the perfect setting for kids to relax, have

fun and learn while they are playing. Within the playing area there are different forms of entertainment that stimulate the

creativity and thought processes of the children of the future.

With healthy snacks and a play gym for agile kids you can make sure parents are at ease with the fact that their children are kept in great shape. The Whole 9 Yards ~ Kids Club introduced the Kids Lab concept into their play areas so that children can learn new things in a fun way whilst playing. Children can be introduced to new experiences in the Kids Lab in the form of workshops. These can be made to measure for any type of interest, such as art, storytelling, technologyand also food.


Perfect for hotels looking to promote local culture, history and places of interest. Great for hospitals looking to offer kids explanations about health and their bodies and reduce anxiety and stress.

The Whole 9 Yards - a new way to play

The Whole 9 Yards – Kids Club is every parents dream come true. It’s a safe and fun place for their kids to play, learn and relax, but also has all the ingredients that are important for nurturing a child’s development. The play area has been carefully designed to provide a perfect balance between entertainment, exercise and relaxation, offering only healthy, nutritious food and using playful learning techniques to teach the children cool new things about the locations local culture and customs. It’s also a magical place where children can create their own little worlds and let their imaginations run wild.


  • The Field of Dreams is where the children can let their hair down and get their daily dose of exercise whilst playing.
  • The Tree of wisdom is where they will come into contact with innovative new ways to stimulate their thinking and creativity and
  • The Lounge Library is a cool chill place where they can relax, enjoy healthy snacks and read.


Each area also has different activities that appeal to separate age groups 4-8 & 8-12.

Parents can rest assured that at The Whole 9 Yards they can leave the kids in safe, experienced hands, knowing the children will have the time of their lives, allowing mum and dad to get that seriously welcome relax time.

The Whole 9 Yards - Philosophy

The Whole 9 Yards philosophy is based on 3 important elements that are required to stimulate successful growth within children;


Exercise - Innovative learning - Pedagogy and relaxation


Each element has a dedicated zone in The kids club;


  • The Field of dreams – Exercise
  • The Tree of Wisdom - Learning and Innovation
  • The Lounge Library- Pedagogy and relaxation

The Field of Dreams - Junior

The Field of dreams is also available in a junior version, for the youngest children not yet capable of using all the exercise equipment. It can also be integrated within the existing exercise area. The Junior version uses large building blocks to stimulate kids into training their physical skills.

The Field of Dreams

The Field of Dreams is the ultimate sports play area for kids up to 13 years old. Designed with one thing in mind. To energise children in a playful way, so that they get the daily exercise they need. With obesity and diabetes figures on the rise amongst young children, a good diet and lots of movement are essential.

The Tree of Wisdom

This is the innovation area where children are stimulated in a playful way to be creative and learn new exciting things about the area they are staying in. Using digital tables they can play games that activate their language, mathematical and creative skills. Each hotel can tailor the software in the digital table to show relevant local cultural and tourist information.

The Lounge Library

After the energetic experience of The Field of dreams and stimulating time spent in The Tree of Wisdom, It’s now time to relax, enjoy some good, healthy snacks and unwind in the peaceful and reinvigorating atmosphere of the library lounge. This is a cool place to chill, read a book and unwind.


The Whole 9 Yards ~ Kids Club

to be built in:


  • Hotels
  • Resorts
  • Hospitals
  • Fitness Centres & Gym´s
  • Shopping Centres
  • Airports